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Lily Lee's first children's book is to be published this year. She is a well-socialized introvert who, when she isn't playing with paint or bits of paper or children, is pondering two of life's most important questions: "Who made that a rule?" and "How can we turn this into a game?". It wasn't easy, but she was recently persuaded to give her attention to a few other questions:

Q: Favorite cookie?

A: Anything freshly baked by someone who loves me.

Q: Three things you'd need on a desert island?

A: A good knife, a piece of string and a computer with unlimited high-speed internet access. Oh. And lip balm. Maybe a frying pan. Books! I forgot books! No, books will be on the computer...are a computer and internet access two things or one thing? Wait! I could make string out of coconut fibers! And if there are coconuts, I could make lip balm too! So, now can I take matches, and maybe books? Is a lighter better than matches? ... I'm sorry, what was the question?

Q: Are there books that have changed your life?

A:Books are always changing my life, or at least changing my mind, which might be the same thing. Ravenswood is publishing "Addy the Fruit Bat and a Visit to Cat" this year- it'll be the first of my stories to be set on a page. Does that count as life changing, or is it just really, really exciting?

Q: What children's books do you most admire?

A: I love simple, good-humored stories that give grown-ups and children lots of fun things to talk about. There are books by Dr. Seuss, Mercer Mayer, Maurice Sendak and Stephen Kellogg that probably haunt my adult children's dreams . It's not just the classics I love though- in fact, if you haven't read, or read to a child, books by David Somar and Jacky Davis, Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith, Mo Willems, or Laura Nuemeroff, read them as soon as you can. No, don't. If you do that, you will have no reason at all to read any book of mine. And I would really like you to read my book.


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Addy the Bat and a Visit to Cat

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This is the first in a series about Addy the Bat and her friends. In this adventure, Addy goes to visit Cat with her friend Josie and what an amazing time they have!

With whimsical painted cut-out created pictures, this book is sure to delight children of all ages and bring imagination to life!




What people are saying...

"Addy the Bat and a Visit to Cat by Lily Lee is the delightful story of Addy the Bat who goes to visit Cat with her friend Josie. Addy is a fruit bat and lives in the forest. She has lots of friends, but Josie is her best friend. Josie is a wonder dog. When they go to visit Cat, she gives them cookies to eat and plays chess with them. They also play the care game where Cat teaches them a few 'catmandments.' They all have an good time together, eating, playing and talking. Finally Josie and Addy go back to their homes after having a fun time.

The book is really cute and the cut-out and handmade pictures complement the author's words and thoughts very well. The pictures give a personality to the characters and breathe life and movement into the scenes and story. It is a good book for bedtime storytelling and parents and grandparents can use it for their kids and grandkids while putting them to bed. The book is good also for read aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries. I recommend the book because, apart from being a cute story, it also conveys a beautiful message to young readers.

Books that have a concept or convey a message are ideal to teach kids new things and positive thoughts. It is easy to make them understand through a story than explaining it to them otherwise. The idea of having cut-out and handmade pictures is very original and gives a personal touch to the book. An adorable story book for kids."

- Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite



  • Title: Addy the Bat and a Visit to Cat
  • Author: Lily Lee
  • Genre: Children's Fiction
  • Length: 34 pages
  • Release Date: April 15, 2015
  • ISBN-13: 978-1508661900
  • Imprint: SUNQUILLS

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