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Jean Fournier Johnson was born in Nova Scotia, educated in Quebec and lives with her husband in Ontario, Canada. She has two children and three grandchildren. A FEARFUL LIE is her first novel.



A Fearful Lie

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By the time Gloria sees the little boy step out from between the parked cars it is too late. She hears the sickening thud as her vehicle strikes his body. She remembers that third drink at the bar, her husband's career as a police officer. Fearful that if she stays she will ruin the lives of those she loves, Gloria drives away. She leaves the child on the sidewalk for his mother to find.

Having convinced herself she can live with this decision, Gloria is surprised to find her guilt beginning to take a toll on her family. Turning away from her marriage as it falls apart, she decides to atone for her crime by devoting her life to helping others.

What better place to start than with Marisa, the mother of the boy she killed?





What people are saying...

"A Fearful Lie by Jean Fournier Johnson is a story of decisions. Gloria takes her eyes off the road for a second and sees the child too late to stop. She hits him with a thud as he steps out from between some parked cars. Things flash through her mind – that last and third drink she'd had at the bar; her husband is a police officer and this could damage his career, if not end it. If she stays to face the music she could destroy lives so she goes, she drives on, leaving the boy lying on the sidewalk, dead. She leaves him for his mother to find. Gloria tells herself that this is fine, she can live with this, but she didn’t reckon on the guilt taking over her life. That guilt starts to crack her life, causing problems within her own family unit. As her marriage starts to deteriorate, she turns away – again – but this time she needs to do something. She needs to assuage the guilt she feels and the only way she can do it is by helping other people. So she begins with Marisa – the heartbroken mother of the little boy she abandoned in the road.

A Fearful Lie by Jean Fournier Johnson was a good read. I enjoyed the storyline and the characters were well matched. I understand this is Ms. Johnson’s first novel and it’s a good one. She has captured the essence of guilt very well in a thin thread that runs through the whole story. She has a way with words as well and has penned a story that you can’t help but be drawn into, knowing that you have to see it through to the very end. Good first novel, and I look forward to seeing more."

- Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite



  • Title: A Fearful Lie
  • Author: Jean Fournier Johnson
  • Genre: Literary Fiction/Mystery
  • Length: 346 pages
  • Release Date: April 25, 2015
  • ISBN-13: 978-1508674542
  • Imprint: Black Hawk

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