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Author and illustrator Shelley Brown, M.A., spent much of the last two decades as a business writer and graphic artist. An avid lover of the outdoors, whenever she wasn’t working, Shelley could be found backpacking, rock climbing and biking in National Parks across the U.S. In 2012, however, Shelley contracted a tick-borne illness that prompted her to leave the high-intensity environment of the corporate landscape to try her hand at writing and illustrating children’s book. Her experience was the inspiration behind her first book, Peter, Pancho and the Pesky Tick, followed by Magic, Mayhem and Life Underground with Bunkie. Never losing her affinity for the outdoors, today, Shelley expresses her appreciation mostly through her writings and illustrations.



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Magic, Mayhem and Life Underground with Bunkie

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Set in a bustling meadow in the Colorado highlands, Magic, Mayhem and Life Underground with Bunkie is a light-hearted story about a rabbit who might have hopped right out of Mayberry and onto the black-and-white, boldly-illustrated page. But the adventures of this warm-fuzzy bunny won’t lull you to sleep. Life in the meadow for Bunkie Bernstein is no picnic – at least not until he gains access to the tasty vegetable patch on the Murdock Farm – a feat that requires the help of a scurrilous snake and shape-shifting flower. When a fire in the forest forces Bunkie to move, he befriends a pika that he just can’t quite trust. Whoever heard of a rabbit that can’t jump, anyway?

Things start to look up when Bunkie meets, Beatrice. This beautiful, cotton-white female rabbit is like a dream. However, Bunkie quickly learns that Beatrice is the one dreaming when he discovers that this beautiful bunny thinks she is human! Their eventful year comes to a close just as winter sets in, but not before encountering a ghost in the burrow – a perfect mystery on one fall hallowed eve.




What people are saying...

“Based on my education and parenting experience, Magic, Mayhem and Life Underground with Bunkie is an extremely interesting and engaging book for young readers. The morals and life lessons are not only colorfully depicted, but are equally applicable to the shared experiences of adolescents of all ages. This book is sure to be a classic that multiple generations can enjoy for years to come. I eagerly anticipate a forthcoming sequel in the near future."

- Stephanie Saracini Smith, M.A. Children’s Literature, Belmont College

What people are saying...

"Magic, Mayhem and Life Underground with Bunkie is a modern tale of heroics and caution that will keep readers off-balance and guessing while simultaneously begging for more. Bunkie tests the boundaries, breaks the rules, and sometimes pays the price, but throughout the process, he discovers invaluable life lessons that young readers won’t soon forget."

- Mykle Mettee, Coordinator of Instructional Media at Florida International University

What people are saying...

"As an elementary Reading teacher, I continually search for books like "Magic, Mayhem, and Life Underground with Bunkie" that engage students with plots and characters they enjoy while teaching valuable life lessons. These current, relevant lessons are taught with great imagination through Bunkie's numerous exploits. This is a great on-level reading experience for middle elementary grades and a great read-aloud to younger readers."

- Howard Robinson, 3rd Grade Reading Teacher, Shady Grove Elementary, Memphis, TN


  • Title: Magic, Mayhem and Life Underground with Bunkie
  • Author: Shelley Brown
  • Genre: Second - Middle Grade/Adventure Fiction
  • Length: 64 pages
  • Release Date: August 1, 2015
  • ISBN-13: 978-1514880319
  • Imprint: SUNQUILLS

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