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C. Rhalena Renee (Lena) writes from the Bardic tradition of teaching stories. She's particularly committed to teaching psychics, intuitives, empaths and sensitives - what it means to carry their gifts in the world. She weaves her own personal experiences of carrying these gifts into her stories.

Lena's path led from a dreamy poetic young girl to a graduate student in the sciences, to a practical healthcare provider, and finally into spiritual healing, priestessing and teaching. She has found her way to accepting and celebrating all these parts of herself. She is a wayshower.

Lena lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where she loves gardening; healing circles; singing; cooking with family and friends; dogs, seals and crows. Her favorite spots are in a forest overlooking Puget Sound, and on Lion's Rock looking over the Kittitas Valley.


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In the Arms of the Spiral

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At the height of her professional career, the Witch Healer, Cailleen, receives a vision that pulls her into her ancient past. Recurring dreams follow. She must, the dreams tell her, restore balance. She doesn't know how to meet this call, until key past life characters begin to show up in her present life. To complicate matters, a new neighbor makes Cailleen realize there is more to life than her work. She must choose balance not only for the world, but for her own personal life. Can Cailleen allow the help of her closest friends, or will she stand alone, as she so often has. Cailleen must decide if her new neighbor is a distraction, or perhaps part of the key to restoring balance and saving a life.




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  • Title: In the Arms of the Spiral
  • Author: C. Rhalena Renee
  • Genre: Pagan/Romance/Fantasy
  • Length: 378 pages
  • Release Date: April 5, 2017
  • ISBN-13: 978-1543006902
  • Imprint: Craigh Na Dun

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