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Mark P. Donnelly is an historian, author, screenwriter, duelist, bon vivant, and constant gentleman. He has authored, co-authored or ghost written over 20 titles in several countries and has scripted and/or produced nearly 200 hours of historical television programming. He can frequently be found traveling throughout the north-eastern US giving lectures and presentations at themed events as well as teaching historical swordsmanship and western martial arts. He currently resides in central Pennsylvania where he enjoys life with his wife and family.



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Daniel Diehl is an award winning writer and co-author of 20 non-fiction books, three novels and more than 170 hours of documentary television scripts. His work has been translated into ten languages other than English. Although Dan was born in the US he lived in England for more than a decade and he steadfastly insists they have the best beer on the planet. Now back in America he lives in Ohio where he grumbles about the bad beer and annoys his neighbors.




REVELATIONS (The Merlin Chronicles: Book One)

THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE (The Merlin Chronicles: Book Two)

OUT OF TIME (The Merlin Chronicles: Book Three)


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Inventors & Impostors

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What if everything you learned in school about the heroes of science, technology and invention was a lie?

What if Tom Edison didn’t invent the lightbulb? What if the Wright brothers weren’t the first men to fly? What if Marconi didn’t invent the radio, or Watt the steam engine, or Bell the telephone, or Henry ford the production line? What if Columbus didn’t really discover America, or Darwin the concept of evolution, or Watson and Crick the existence of DNA?

Well, brace yourself, because none of these people did what the history books credit them with having done. Were they all thieves and liars? Was it all a huge mistake? Was it some gigantic conspiracy? How did all these people become famous for things they didn’t do?

In fourteen gripping, true stories Daniel Diehl and Mark P. Donnelly dig deep into the past and lay bare the facts about who really invented what and why somebody else got the glory.

This is historical fact that reads like the best fiction – easy to read and impossible to put down.




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"Inventors & Impostors: A Sordid History of Innovation and Imitation by Daniel Diehl and Mark Donnelly is a collection of stories depicting the circumstances in which many of the modern wonders which we all take for granted really came into existence. It begins with the twists and turns of the telephone, the real story, which in September 2001 caused the US Senate to pass a resolution stating that Antonio Meucci, an Italian by birth and a naturalized American citizen, had invented the telephone. More such stories then follow, dethroning Henry Ford as well as Karl Benz from the first automobile, Columbus from the discovery of America, Darwin from the Theory of Evolution, and Edison from the light bulb, being only some of the rather shocking reactions these pages are bound to cause.

Inventors & Impostors: A Sordid History of Innovation and Imitation by Daniel Diehl and Mark Donnelly is a well researched work. At least some of these had been known to me through other sources, some of them even proclaiming that an invention actually takes place when it becomes inevitable, or when technology lurches forward on its own inertia as "a self-propelling, self-sustaining, ineluctable flow." This anthology includes a good array of important inventions and discoveries, capable of surprising even the well read. The events described in this book also indicate that no one man could be expected to invent the various constituent parts as preliminary steps to making the culminating invention. Daniel and Mark have produced quite an extensive collection, mostly of well known and popular discoveries to drive this idea further."

- Reviewed by Roy T. James for Readers' Favorite


  • Title: Inventors & Impostors
  • Author: Daniel Diehl & Mark P. Donnelly
  • Genre: Historical Non-Fiction/Inventions
  • Length: 236 pages
  • Release Date: May 1st, 2015
  • ISBN-13: 978-1511463348
  • Imprint: Veritas

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