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Chris Wagoner was jettisoned from his doomed home planet as an infant and crash landed in a field in the Midwest. He was taken in by a kindly couple and now lives to fight for truth, justice, and the American way! Sometimes he finds a free moment to pen novels like We the People.



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We The People: Liberty or Death

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You'd think being indestructible would be an easy lifeā€¦

Unless you're Morticia Thane, living-dead amnesiac and government agent. Thane hasn't been able to regain her memories, even with the combined resources of the FBI and US armed forces. They certainly make good use of her abilities, however, using her to break up a human trafficking ring.

Thane is called back to her old unit, a group of misfit teens much liker herself. While tracking down the Extraterrestrial fugitive Dr. Kass they are hurtled back through time to the American Revolution. Hampered by their lack of historical knowledge (Franklin is the guy on the hundred dollar bill, right?) and their own bickering, they struggle to achieve their goal; Save the future of the human race.

Perhaps Benjamin Franklin, founding father and inventor can help...if he can stop being distracted by his misogynistic tendencies and libido.

Thane must face both the Redcoat army and her own lack of faith in humanity. Can she pull her team together and save the world one more time? Or will her disillusionment mean the end of our history?

We the People: Liberty or Death is full of action, angst, zombies, and enough belly-laughs to thrill you no matter what century you were born in.




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  • Title: We The People: Liberty or Death
  • Author: Christopher Scott Wagoner
  • Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy Saga
  • Length: 306 pages
  • Release Date: July 10, 2016
  • ISBN-13: 978-1533547996
  • Imprint: Devil's Tower

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