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Kitty Honeycutt is the single mother of an amazing daughter whom she currently homeschool’s. She is a publisher for over 85 authors, a writer, an entrepreneur, a singer and an animal and human rights activist.

Her household is comprised of various creatures that includes, but is not limited to:

Two Chihuahua’s (Lobo) & (Tinkerbell) Five cats (Merlin), (Pandra), (Beltane), (Mythian), and (Serafina) Five fish, (Pumpkin), (Thing 1) & (Thing 2), (Neptune), and (Snapdragon) Two Ball Pythons, (Dragon) & (Sunny) Three Bearded Dragons, (Rexie), (Samantha) & (Georgia) One Crested Gecko, (Copper) Two Uromastyx, (Mary) & (Elizabeth) Two Aquatic Turtles, (Purple) & (Myrtle) One Desert Tortoise, (Bubble) One Box Turtle (Boxer)… and… Two horses (Woody) & (Romeo).

*As you can see she is also a part-time zoo-keeper.*

Her first book “Supernatural Seminole: Pray for Hell” is due out this year 2017, and will be her first published work.


OUROBOROS (Born of Fire)

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Ouroboros: Born of Fire

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It has been said that 'the meek shall inherit the earth' but these children are not quite so 'meek' after all. The prophecies of another World War have been disregarded for the populace cannot see that the enemy is already in control and has been for years. The world has deteriorated. Humanity is dead. Chaos reigns. The degradation, humiliation and abuse of mankind is at an all time high and the time for an apocalypse is long overdue.

Four children with powers older than the earth itself are the only hope to bring about the regeneration of the entire world. Together they will defeat the opposition, bring to fruition the apocalypse, and recreate the earth as it should have been. The old gods and goddesses will return and with the help of his young advisors, the once and future king will rise again to claim the throne.




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  • Title: Ouroboros: Born of Fire
  • Author: Kitty Honeycutt
  • Genre: Epic Fantasy Saga
  • Length: 000 pages
  • Release Date: April 2014
  • ISBN-13: 978-0000000000
  • Imprint: Craigh Na Dun

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