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Caroline is an Irish writer, a left hander and a twin (twin sister); she lives in the West of Ireland in the beautiful Burren region with her husband Eoghan and her two cats Parker and Harvey. Caroline is also a natural intuitive, holistic healer, with a strong connection to the Angelic realm, spiritual guides, ancestors and Mother Nature.

In the 1990’s, she studied acting and attended the Academy Drama School in London and the Lee Strasberg Studio, she studied film making at film base in the IFC, (Irish film centre) and directed a short film and several small documentaries in Dublin. Caroline ran her own theatre and film company Trapdoor Productions in Dublin, Ireland, in the late 1990’s.

After a significant personal healing she moved into the mind body and spirit field and studied spiritual and angel healing, holistic medicine, meditation and flower remedies, setting up as a private therapist, holistic practitioner, intuitive and angel healer, while also conducting workshops, seminars and classes.

In 2008 Caroline started writing and wrote An Angel Calling, her first book, a universal meditation and angel story book that was published in 2011, which has sold very well. She has also written two correspondence accredited diploma courses, Angel Healing and Celtic Angels, for the BSY College Group in the UK.

Caroline has written a book of adult fictional short stories called Eala's Journey set in the West of Ireland and a young children's picture book called Florie's Angel.

Pheonica Rising (keeper of light) is Caroline’s first teen, young adult, fantasy, adventure novel, and is also part of a trilogy series. Phoenica Rising was inspired by the beautiful, magical, Burren landscape.

Caroline loves all that is mystical, inspirational, creative and positive, and is also a nature and animal lover.




Phoenica Rising: Keeper of Light

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An intuitive girl called Phoenica (Feen-ica) moves to the west of Ireland where she meets her Psychic Grandmother. They accidentally discover the mystical world of Juna and Phoenica learns that an alien race of light suckers called Graydens, have invaded and taken the young Juna to be their slaves.

Phoenica aligns forces with a tree guardian, a fearsome faerie warrior and an Earth Angel. Together they must cross the golden river, overcome Grayden mists, fight off vicious pygmy shrews, climb the caves of Nadu and locate the gentle Juna tribe.

On her journey, she crosses paths with a mysterious stranger and finds herself irresistibly drawn to him. But first she must learn to fight the Graydens and their savage hybrid creatures.

Can Phoenica find the courage to save Juna, fall in love and claim her birthright? Or will the light hungry Graydens plunge all that she knows into darkness?




What people are saying...

"Phoenica Rising (Keeper of Light) by Caroline Quigley is a young adult epic fantasy novel that would appeal most to an audience of young adult female readers who enjoy heroines that go on adventures in a magical world. Phoenica moves to West Ireland where she meets her psychic grandmother; that first meeting sets young Phoenica on the path to discover the mystical world of Juna. This discovery leads to Phoenica gathering friends and allies to join her in the fight against those that have enslaved the people of Juna. Does Phoenica have what it takes to save the people of Juna and embrace who she was always meant to be?

I was first drawn to Phoenica Rising (Keeper of Light) by Caroline Quigley because of the vibrant cover that shows a strong woman ready and willing to rise and become a heroine. I really liked how the book began during Phoenica’s childhood as it allowed me to watch as she developed from a child, who was practically mentored by Mother Nature, to the person willing to fight for the people of Juna. Phoenica was more than the typical heroine as she was not a bloodthirsty warrior, but a compassionate girl, not willing to look the other way as people were enslaved by the Graydens. The Graydens made for the perfect villains of the novel as they were developed enough to be antagonists that were easy enough to dislike, yet the author did not develop them enough to take the focus off Phoenica. Overall, I was beyond impressed with Phoenica and I really wish I could have read this book when I was in middle school as it would have been one of my all-time favorites!"

- Reviewed by Sefina Hawke for Readers' Favorite


  • Title: Phoenica Rising: Keeper of Light (Book One)
  • Author: Caroline Quigley
  • Genre: Epic Fantasy Saga
  • Length: 278 pages
  • Release Date: May 10, 2015
  • ISBN-13: 978-1511545624
  • Imprint: Chimera

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