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Sue Webb is a Native Oregonian; her ancestors migrated west on the old Oregon Trail, homesteading in the Beaver State. She attended Eastern Oregon University in La Grande for a year, then graduated from Portland State University with a Science degree in 1986.

Her love of reading led her to the Medical Bookstore at the Oregon and Health Sciences University where she spent many years. During that time she became a certified scuba diver; she and her husband

Russ, spent the next twenty years traveling the globe in pursuit of the perfect dive.

Logging over 500 dives, Sue decided to share her experiences, in and out, of water. Off the Wall- Dive Tales is her first book. Her published articles have appeared in newspaper and magazines.

When asked why she writes, she replied, "Because I love making people laugh." Humor is her genre, whether it's a funny story about a fish or her cat. She believes the world could be a happier place- one chuckle at a time.


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Sand In My Pants

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Looking for a fun frolic? Whether boarding a plane on vacation, or enjoying a comfy chair at home- you're invited to join me on a thrilling, twenty-year, fun-packed odyssey. We'll share experiences around the globe. I'll throw in a bit of anthropology, culture, geography, history, and marine biology. I'll steep it in wit and serve it up with a generous dollop of humor.

We'll begin our journey by becoming certified scuba divers. In the following years, we will traipse around the planet seeking out new cerulean exotic locales including: the Caribbean, Micronesia, and the South Pacific- just to name a few. Our adventures, however, will not be without a few misadventures. Most usually- the kind you laugh about...later. So, flip this book over, open the front cover-or scroll down; I invite you to dive in.




What people are saying...

"Sand in My Pants is a travel memoir written by Sue Webb. The author and her husband decided that they would take up scuba diving, and they did in a big way. At the time they obtained their certifications, they were living in the Portland, Oregon environs, so they had lots of diving opportunities both in the immediate vicinity and further up in the Pacific Northwest. Balancing those relatively chilly dives were their traveling adventures in search of warm water, reefs and colorful displays underneath the waves. Their travels took them literally across the globe: to Fiji, Australia, the Caribbean, Micronesia, the Florida Keys, and down the Pacific Coast to Baja California. Along with the dives, there were miles of beaches, hiking trails and muddy roads to explore, and a multitude of friendly faces who welcomed the two explorers on their travels.

I knew I wanted to read Sue Webb's travel memoir, Sand in My Pants, when I saw it. I'm just getting into snorkeling and wild swimming, and am finding swimming with the fishes both exhilarating and addictive. Webb's stories of crystal blue waters and colorful reefs held me enthralled for hours. Her storytelling is filled with excitement, curiosity, and a determination not to take things too seriously, and the places she describes are marvelous. I kept making notes to myself of travel destinations I'd like to visit and beaches to explore. The author and her husband accomplished a prodigious amount of diving and exploring in the twenty-year period covered in this travel memoir and, for the most part, it seems they picked all the right places - even if a few didn't quite turn out as expected. I had a grand time reading Sand in My Pants, and I highly recommend it to both armchair explorers and those who love water sports."

- Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite


  • Title: Sand In My Pants
  • Author: Sue Webb
  • Genre: Travel Biography/Memoir
  • Length: 298 pages
  • Release Date: April 10, 2015
  • ISBN-13: 978-1508549901
  • Imprint: Veritas

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