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Susan Klarkowski-Rasmussen has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, believes in the full gospel of the Bible, complete with the Spiritual Gifts, and retains the respect for others who are on their journey seeking the “light”. Growing up with legalism, rules and regulations she has come to view God in a much broader way. Susan is happily married and has been the shepherd of four goats, two dogs, one cat and a rooster. She and her husband, John, live near Green Bay, Wisconsin. She would be the first one to admit that she did not have what it took to live out this story, but for some reason she was chosen. Now she is grateful to be on this side of the pain, sharing a story of hope and restoration. “There is something that happens inside a person when what they hold dear is stripped from them. If once they can let go of the guilt and sadness, a healing takes place that creates a strength unknown to many.” Susan will tell you she didn’t do anything special…she just got up every day and somehow managed to take another step. God wrote this story of beauty for ashes, one day at a time.



Set Free From Darkness

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In 1987 I had dreams of marriage and a family. I had a wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter and a nice home. I wanted to know the God that could create a child so perfect. I began exploring my spiritual options. While researching New Age philosophies I would go through mental illness psychosis leaving me with the worst fear I could ever know. I was afraid of my thoughts and myself. With misdiagnosis and failed hospitalizations I ended up taking the life of my 10-month-old child. Set Free From Darkness will take you from tears to victory. I set out “to know the God that could create a child so perfect” and He answered my prayer but in a much deeper more complex way. He loved me enough to allow my heart to be broken so I could begin a journey to learn to love and forgive.




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"In Set Free From Darkness, Susan Karslowski-Rasmussen tells the true story of how she murdered her 10-month-old baby. In this book, she is not so much asking for forgiveness as she is telling what went on in her head at the time of the murder. She also explains how she learned to forgive herself with the help of Christianity.

True crime stories have always fascinated me. I want to know what goes on in a person’s head when they are committing a crime. Usually someone who had absolutely nothing to do with the crime is writing the story. In Set Free From Darkness, it is the actual murderer writing and explaining what was going on. This makes this book unique. Karslowski-Rasmussen does not make excuses for what she did. She tries to explain to the reader the thoughts and actions of someone who is bipolar. She also brings up some interesting points in her book, such as how mental hospitals put all of their patients together. This could cause more harm than good because, as Karslowski-Rasmussen says, they feed off each other’s paranoia which sometimes creates new paranoia.

I cannot pretend to understand what Susan Karslowski-Rasmussen did, but I am glad that she has gotten her disease under more control. I did find this book interesting and I am glad to have read it. Forgiving oneself is good advice. I think more people need to do this. There are Bible verses throughout the book that Karslowski-Rasmussen uses to get her point across. If you like to read true crime or memoirs and do not mind religion mixed in, then this is a book you should read."

- Reviewed by Jessyca Garcia for Readers' Favorite


  • Title: Set Free From Darkness
  • Author: Susan Klarkowski-Rasmussen
  • Genre: Non-Fiction/Memoir
  • Length: 000 pages
  • Release Date: September 20, 2015
  • ISBN-13: 978-1517064228
  • Imprint: Veritas

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