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RD Peterson is a semi-retired attorney. Along with caring for assorted cats, dogs and horses, he also collects antique clocks and pocket watches. He and his wife live in California.


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The House of Scarlet

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Violet is a submissive member of a secret BDSM club. The trouble begins when she petitions her Mistress for permission to become pregnant and her wish is granted. Overjoyed and day-dreaming about having a baby, she unintentionally reveals the existence of the club to her best friend Karen.

Surprised by what she learns, Karen struggles to deal with this new revelation about Violet. After being attacked by a rogue member of the club, Karen empowers herself to overcome her own internal conflicts and seize the reins of her destiny.

Along the way she meets Callie who, as her sister says, is perfect. Except for her Lesbian side, which she hides from everyone. Approached by the police to try to help identify a murder victim, Callie’s tattoo parlor is burned to the ground. With her dreams reduced to ash and nowhere left to turn, Callie fits her hand into Karen’s.




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  • Title: The House of Scarlet
  • Author: RD Peterson
  • Genre: Erotica/LGBT
  • Length: 386 pages
  • Release Date: March 25, 2017
  • ISBN-13: 978-1542823494
  • Imprint: Blue Feather

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