SUGAR SKULLS (Adult Coloring Book)

Adult coloring books have become a great way to de-stress your life. We all need something to just get away and relax.

SUGAR SKULLS (Adult Coloring Book)

An Adult Coloring Book containing various images of sugar skulls by various artist to celebrate Halloween and especially The Day of the Dead from Mexican Culture. All proceeds go to charity.


Have you ever had an encounter with a ghost? Would you like proof that the deceased continue to visit the world of the living? Do you have the courage to stand face-to-face with visitors from the afterlife?


An Angel Calling was written to help people connect easily with their Angels. It is a practical, down to earth Angel book that anyone can read regardless of their background or beliefs.

YANCEY GATES: A Dialogue With Self

A spiritual theme in a developing San Francisco World’s Fair gives Planning Department employee Yancey Gates a pathway for awakening the mind.

ALONG THE WHEEL OF TIME: Sacred Stories for Nature Lovers

The various characters in this collection of magical short stories demonstrate how the changing seasons are a spiritual model for the soul.