The HK Prize is One of Asia’s Premier Awards

HK Prize was established to recognise individuals whose contributions have furthered world civilisation and inspired others towards building a harmonious society. Previous recipients include selfless volunteers helping homeless people and scientists who developed liquid biopsy technology for faster cancer diagnosis.

US lawmakers have nominated five imprisoned Hong Kong pro-democracy activists for a Nobel peace prize, comparing them to other persecuted freedom fighters such as Hitler critic Carl von Ossietzky, Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov and Polish politician Lech Walesa. The nomination comes after Beijing unleashed a new national security law in Hong Kong in an attempt to crush the city’s once vibrant civic society and silence any criticism of its autocratic rulers.

The Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Prize is one of Asia’s premier awards, with thousands of applicants each year. Winners receive a substantial monetary award, gain access to top research facilities within Hong Kong and enjoy international exposure.

In the past, the prize has been awarded to pioneers in fields ranging from artificial intelligence and robotics to life and health and new materials and energy. The prize was conceived by businessman Lui Che-woo to recognize individuals who advance world civilisation and inspire others towards building a harmonious society. Its logo features two precious elements, a pearl and jade amulet, symbolizing humanity’s spirit of harmony.

Applicants for the prize are judged by a panel of experts who examine their submissions in line with scientific and rigorous standards. The review procedure is independent and no organisation or individual can exert undue influence over the final review results.

The winners will receive a cash prize of HK$ 2,000,000, a certificate and a trophy. In addition, the winning teams will be offered the opportunity to establish their own HK Prize Research Fellowship, a funding programme for research projects in Hong Kong.

Last year, the prize was given to a group of Hong Kong scientists who developed liquid biopsy technology for fast and accurate cancer diagnoses. The breakthrough has the potential to dramatically cut the time it takes for doctors to determine if a patient’s cancer has returned, allowing them to take early action to prevent or treat recurrence.

The HK Student Prize is open to all enrolled secondary school students in Hong Kong. Interested students should visit the World of Winners splash page starting March 1 to register. They will be able to win a trip to Hong Kong that includes airfare and accommodation! The trip will also give them an opportunity to explore the city’s breathtaking scenery and vibrant cultures. The winners will be notified mid-March. For more information, please refer to the Contest Rules.