Data SGP

Data SGP, a graphical display of student growth trajectories, is one way teachers and parents can see what their students’ progress will likely lead to in terms of proficiency. This report displays the estimated percentile range that a student would fall in based on their prior test scores compared to all other students who took the same assessment (the academic peers). While the calculations behind this report are complex, it is designed to provide information about student growth in terms that are familiar to most educators and parents.

This report utilizes the same SGP methodology as the Star Growth Report and provides a snapshot of how students are progressing towards proficiency. This report also allows for the customization of timeframes during report generation. The report will be updated regularly so that a student’s projections are based on the most current information.

The data used for these reports are sgpData_LONG formatted and includes the following variables: VALID_CASE, CONTENT_AREA, YEAR, ID, SCALE_SCORE, and GRADE. sgptData_LONG is the recommended data set for use with SGP analyses. It is designed to be as simple and manageable as possible, making it easy to create and update SGP analyses. In addition, most higher level SGP functions that require the use of a long data set include embedded sgpSGPstateData meta-data to allow for easier data manipulation.

When using sgpData_LONG for SGP analyses, it is important to be aware of the following restrictions:

The data sets sgptData_LONG and sgpdata_LONG are available in both Excel and sgpData_XML formats. sgptData_LONG formatted data is more user friendly for working with SGP analyses and requires less work to manipulate than the XML version. Both Excel and sgpData_XML contain the same data except sgptData_LONG contains additional variables to help with reporting.

Both Excel and sgpData_XML formatted data contain the same variables for the same assessment, but each has its own unique layout and features. To make a smooth transition from one format to the other, it is recommended that users copy and paste data into their preferred spreadsheet application. This will ensure that all columns are aligned correctly and that all of the appropriate metadata is contained within the data.

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