Hong Kong and China Sign Memorandum on Data Handling

Data hk is information about living individuals, whether they are identified or not. It includes personal details such as names and addresses, and can also include information about legal entities such as companies or trusts. It is important that data hk is protected when it is transferred across borders, especially from Hong Kong to other places. The data hk must be used in accordance with the rules set out in the Personal Data Protection Ordinance (PDPO).

In order to protect personal data, it is necessary to know who is responsible for collecting and using it. Under the PDPO, a data user is any person who controls the collection, holding, processing or use of personal data, including any person who does so on behalf of another person. A data controller is a person who determines the purposes for which and the way in which personal data is collected, processed or used. The data controller must ensure that the PDPO is complied with.

Previously, it was difficult to transfer data between the mainland and Hong Kong, particularly in areas such as banking and healthcare. But the memorandum between the local government and China’s Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) will help to make the process easier. In a Facebook post, the Hong Kong chief executive said the agreement would “balance the need for security and cross-border exchanges.” He added that authorities were working to draft a standard contract that will cover mainland residents’ data.

The memorandum was signed in June, and will focus on helping the city become an international data centre. Sun Dong, the secretary for innovation, technology and industry, said in a separate announcement on the Hong Kong government website that it could “make it more convenient and orderly to transfer mainland data to Hong Kong.” The city hopes to boost its position as a global hub for information technology and services.

Sun said that the memorandum was part of Beijing’s scheme to integrate Hong Kong, Macau and nine mainland cities into a single economic powerhouse known as the Greater Bay Area. He added that the memorandum would be beneficial for the local IT industry, as it could lead to more business opportunities.

He also urged Hongkongers to remain calm about privacy invasion, and said the data free-flow plan “really matters” as the city aims to become an international data centre. He cited the example of the Chinese mainland’s big data industry, which has experienced a boom because of the huge volume of data it processes.

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