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Julian Padowicz was seven years old, Jewish, and living in Warsaw, Poland, when WWII began. After 6 months under Soviet occupation in southern Poland, he and his mother made a daring trek over the Carpathian Mountains into neutral Hungary. Arriving in America at the age of 9, Julian spent the next 13 years in boarding school and college, where his undiagnosed ADD and Dyslexia caused him considerable grief.

Graduating from Colgate University in 1954 with a BA in English, he was hired by Twentieth-Century Fox studios as editor of their company magazine, “Action.”

From 1955 to 1959 he served in the Air Force as a navigator and intercept instructor.

Following military service, he entered the documentary film profession, first as a writer and eventually as director, cameraman, editor, and producer, garnering numerous awards.

Upon retirement in 2000, Padowicz began writing a 4-part memoir of his WWII experiences. The first book, Mother and Me: Escape from Warsaw 1939 was published in 2006 by Academy Chicago and named “Book of the Year” by ForeWord Magazine. It was followed by A Ship in the Harbor, Loves of Yulian, and When the Diamonds Were Gone. A “young readers’” version of Mother and Me, published by Scholastic Inc. was a best seller in the school field.

Feeling that much of what was interesting in his life was not publishable as memoir, for fear of hurting people still living, Padowicz created the fictional village of Venice on the Massachusetts coast and peopled it with characters based on people he had known, including himself. Applying humor, which he calls his “weapon of choice,” Padowicz has written several novels in which these fictional characters go through many of the experiences he, himself, has gone through. His hero, Kip, is a retired college professor, married to his creative, but accident prone wife, the lovely Amanda, and trying to lead a “normal” life, in a new community, among whacky neighbors and whackier friends from his past. Padowicz lives in a 100 plus-year-old house in Stamford, Connecticut with his wife, Donna Carter. Their blended family includes 5 children, 9 grandchildren, and 2 great-grands.





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Mrs. Parsley Makes a Delivery and Other Stories

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Mrs. Parsley is a good-witch who, with the help of her magical cat, Laptop, substitutes for the likes of Santa, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, and the various Fairy Godmothers, when they have more work than they can handle. However, since she does not have the specialized magic powers that they possess, she is challenged to find creative ways to carry out these duties.




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"Mrs. Parsley Makes a Delivery and Other Stories is a children’s storybook by Julian Padowicz. Mrs. Parsley is an elderly witch who travels on a broom with her cat, Laptop. Laptop also does magic and steers the broomstick better than Mrs. Parsley. The Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus occasionally ask Mrs. Parsley to assist them with their heavy workload. When the Tooth Fairy had an awful toothache, she asked Mrs. Parsley to leave money for a little boy who lost his tooth. She delivered presents for Santa Claus, but did a few alarming things Santa would never do. It’s difficult for this witch to carry out these duties so she does and says the most unbelievable things that convince folks she is a loony old lady and not a witch.

Julian Padowicz’s collection of children’s stories is cleverly written. They consist of thirteen magical tales with amusing, inventive themes. Mrs. Parsley happens to be a caring, helpful witch whose character role is as important as the Easter Bunny and the other friends she helps. These fast-moving stories are lively with balanced, crisp conclusions that are still suspenseful. The cover illustration is so nice and is an accurate portrayal of the main character. Mrs. Parsley Makes a Delivery and Other Stories was written for children, but anyone else who has a little time for a few chuckles will like them. Julian Padowicz has an imaginative writing flair that is engaging. His book will attract the readers it was intended for."

- Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers' Favorite


  • Title: Mrs. Parsley Makes a Deliver and Other Stories
  • Author: Julian Padowicz
  • Genre: Children's/Middle-Grade Fiction
  • Length: 138 pages
  • Release Date: July 5, 2016
  • ISBN-13: 978-1533167637
  • Imprint: SUNQUILLS

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